Just a little tinkering under the waning moonlight.

I guess this is what happens when you wake up before the sun rises and you find yourself sipping coffee while waiting to go to work. I keep telling myself that i'm going to do something with my meager web presence once more at some point in the murky waters of the future, but with each passing month, less and less happens more and more frequently.


Well, we just got through thanksgiving here. If that's your sort of thing, I hope you had a good one. Now, if only we could get through the Xmas season...


My lovely sweetheart has purchased a shiny new "New" Nintendo 3DS XL for me for my Xmas present - what a lovely lady she is. I know it's a bit odd to try and get into a new platform as it skates into what appears to be the twilight of its run, but the Switch is a bit too expensive for me right now and I am comfortable waiting for Nintendo to iterate the hardware at least once to work out some of the deficiencies. So in the meantime, I will get to tinkering with my 3DS and try out the very respectable library it has developed over the last several years. Perhaps I will write about my experiences here. Perhaps not. Time will make fools of us all.

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